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5 Proven Tips to Protect Your Car from Theft

Car theft protection tips

Did you know that Canada has one of the world’s highest rates of auto theft?

You heard right.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) website says the stolen car industry is a $600 million dollar a year illicit industry in Canada – and in Ontario over 52,000 cars are stolen a year; an average of 1,000 per week. This doesn’t take into account the thousands of trucks, vans, trailers or other heavy equipment that is also stolen every year in Canada.

So what can you do to protect your car from becoming the next target?

1.) Lock Up Quickly

The simplest tip is to lock up your car and ensure all doors and windows are closed once you park. Make sure you place the car key in your pocket or purse as soon as the vehicle is locked. Never leave keys in the vehicle or in the ignition as someone can quickly take advantage of this and drive away! Did you know that 20% of stolen cars have keys in them?

If you have a car with a keyless ignition, do not keep your fob key near your front door or near a window as fobs emit signals which can be intercepted and reprogrammed by potential thieves.

2.) Park inside Your Garage

Auto thieves are always in a hurry to steal a car and make a quick getaway.

Another simple yet effective strategy to thwart their efforts is to park your vehicle in a garage. When your car is safely tucked away in a garage, it’s not just the car that stays out of sight, but also any valuable items inside it. By keeping your car hidden from prying eyes, you potentially remove it from a thief’s radar. Don’t forget to lock your garage, as an unlocked garage door could provide an easy entry point.

And if you have to park on the street, consider turning your wheels towards the curb; it’s a small trick that can make towing your car a much more challenging task for thieves. 

3.) Steering Wheel Lock

Each time you park your car, use a steering wheel lock. Make sure it is visible. A steering wheel lock not only makes it harder to steal your vehicle but also creates a visual deterrent for thieves.

4.) Keep Documents Safe

You should keep vehicle registration and proof of insurance with you, in a wallet or purse, at all times – never leave these documents in the glove box. Without these documents in your hands, it can make it extremely hard to track down your vehicle.

5.) Install A GPS Tracker

The simplest and most assured way to protect your vehicle is by purchasing a GPS tracker. A GPS Tracking device enables you to track your vehicle’s location at all times with real-time tracking and be alerted for any movements.

At YoGPS, we offer multiple types of GPS trackers tailored to your needs. You may choose our most popular and easy to use, Magnetic GPS Tracker or a more integrated  Hardwired GPS Tracker.

Our GPS tracking solutions are extremely accurate with quick and easy updates. In case your car moves, you will be notified on your phone. If you believe the car movement was un-authorized, you can contact your local law enforcement immediately and share the vehicle’s location thereby increasing the chances to get back your vehicle.