Car Tracker

YoGPS Magnetic GPS tracker allows you to track your car using your smartphone.

Simply place the tracker in your car, download the YoGPS mobile app and start tracking.

YoGPS Car Trackers comes with a SIM card with global coverage supporting 150 countries. This means you do not have to worry about roaming fees no matter where your car is.

YoGPS Chevrolet car GPS tracking app

Use Cases Of YoGPS

You can use our Wireless magnetic trackers in so many ways.

Monitor your vulnerable loved ones

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Protect your Car from Theft
Car Theft GPS Tracking YoGPS
Improve Employee Productivity

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Support Multiple Vehicles

Customer Story

Magnetic GPS Tracker

YoGPS Magnetic GPS Car Tracker – Accurate, easy to use, affordable
$125 + Subscription
Frequently asked questions

YoGPS offers unlimited tracking with no range limitations. The GPS Trackers connects to multiple satellites and finds an accurate location which is communicated to your mobile app via the mobile (cellular) network. In order to do that our GPS trackers come with a SIM card with roaming data included. We pay the cellular data charges fee to the mobile operators and hence, charge a fixed subscription to you.

Yes, You can create a geofence (virtual permitter). Every time your vehicle enters or exits this geofence you will be notified via the app.

Yes, you may create unlimited number of geofences.


Yes, You can also reach out to our support before your travel date to check with us on coverage at your travel destination.

Subscription Plan

Flexible pricing options – Starts as low as $10 a month




$ 45 3 MONTHS
Save 40%


$ 120 1 YEAR PLAN
Save 60%

*All prices are in US Dollars

Subscription plan to be bought in the app during tracker activation process