GPS Tracking for Landscaping

Landscaping is your turf, Tracking is ours!

Only YoGPS can track all your moving assets in an easy to use and affordable manner. Monitor and manage your fleet and equipment in real time.

Protect Against Theft

Monitor your industrial equipment in real time and get alerted in case of movements. Do not lose your trailers, excavators, trimmer, mower again

Improve Productivity

Identify drivers misusing company hours, truck and/or equipment for personal work. Coach drivers to ensure timely completion of all jobs and deliveries

Save Fuel Costs

Reduce idling hours leveraging YoGPS dashboard and reports. Optimize routes for fuel efficieny

Deliver On time

Find the nearest driver and re-route them for just-in time deliveries. Share location with customers to provide estimated arrival time of the delivery


Learn why Landscaping clients consistently choose our services over competitors


Advanced features that support Multiple Use Cases
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Real-Time Trackimg

Track Real-time

Car Health

Keep Track


Instant notfeation

99.9% live

Always on

Strong Support

24/7premium support


On all screen devicess

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Yes, we recommend hardwired GPS trackers for trucks and mini GPS trackers (almost the size of a credit card but thicker) with built in magnet that fit in most handheld equipment and track accurately. View our products and select the one that best fits your needs

Absolutely, you may track unlimited vehicles in the same account

Yes, we offer Solar Powered GPS Trackers and other wireless tracking devices to track your trailers

Absolutely, contact us on with your requirement and we will make sure we address your need to utmost satisfaction