What is the range of YoGPS GPS Tracker?

The YoGPS GPS Tracker allows you to track your car from anywhere in Pan America, including the USA, Canada, and Mexico, even if you are 100 or 1000 miles away. The YoGPS GPS Tracking solution provides unlimited range and coverage for your convenience.

We even cover the applicable data charges of the GPS tracker including roaming fees so that there is no extra costs to you.

YoGPS supports many scenarios including:

  • Car in Canada, you are travelling to Switzerland (as an example): No matter where you are, you may use the YoGPS mobile app and track your car anywhere, anytime.
  • Car in the US, you are also in US: You can track your car and receive location updates and alerts on your iPhone or Android phone as long as your car with the tracker is within the 4G mobile network coverage area in North or South America.