What is a GPS Tracker?

The YoGPS GPS Tracker allows you to know the location of your vehicles, equipment or vulnerable loved ones at any point of time using your smart phone. YoGPS GPS Tracker protects your cars and assets against thefts.

Some of our features include:

  • Real Time Tracking – location updates every 20 seconds
  • Geofence – safe area that defined using the map available on YoGPS mobile app
  • Alerts – instant notifications sent to your phone each time the GPS Tracker moves, stops or enters and exits the Geofence
  • Route Playback – unlimited travel history
  • USA, Canada & Mexico wide coverage – as long as your car is in North America, you can track it
  • Reports – Stops, daily trips, Geofence

View our introductory video to YoGPS GPS Tracking Solutions to learn more