What are the different subscription plans offered by YoGPS?

YoGPS Tracking Solution offers flexible pricing options tailored to your needs. There are three subscription plans available: Monthly, Quarterly and Annual.

  • Monthly Plan: If you want to try the YoGPS service and would like to upgrade or cancel at any time, this plan is perfect for you.
  • Quarterly Plan (3 months plan): If you want to track your snowmobile or camper trailer seasonally, you may choose our Quarterly plan. This plan allows you to cancel at the end of the term and re-subscribe next year by emailing us.
  • Annual Plan (1 year plan): For a value for money plan, you may opt for our Annual plan. This plan is ideal for long-term usage.

Subscription Plans Summary

PlansCanada Fee (CAD)USA Fee (USD)
Applicable to other countries
Cancel or upgrade at any time
Quarterly (3 months plan)
Great seasonal plan
Annual (1 year plan)
Most popular, money saver plan


  1. All plans include premium features.
  2. Subscription fees are non-refundable as a back to back fee is paid to the service provider.
  3. Multiple GPS Trackers can be added in the same account however, each GPS Tracking device needs its own subscription.
  4. Any changes to your plan including cancellation can be done by emailing at least 3 days before renewal.