Mini Personal GPS Tracker: Device Overview and Functionality Guide

Our Mini Personal GPS Tracker is a small wireless tracking device that updates the location leveraging GPS Satellites and latest mobile network (CAT-M1). The device is lightweight, small, portable and discrete.

Suitable to track vehicles, luggage, handbags, bikes, vulnerable loved ones and even pets such as large dogs.

The Mini GPS tracking device has :

  • SOS button: Upon pushing the SOS button, an alert is sent to your phone if notifications are enabled
  • Power on/off button: Push the button for 5 seconds to power on or off the tracker
  • Charging port: Charge Mini tracker for 8-9 hours with the cable provided for optimal performance
  • LED lights: The LED light depicts the tracker’s charging state and network connections. 1.) Power LED: Slow flash = Charging, Solid = Fully Charged. 2.) Network LED: Slow Flash = Network registered
  • Motion Sensors: YoGPS mini tracker goes to sleep to conserve battery and wakes up upon movement to start tracking
  • IP65 rating making it water resistant, dust proof with ability to withstand +40C to -30C