How long does the battery last?

In standby mode, the battery can last a maximum up to 2 years.

However, battery life may vary based on several factors such as the frequency of updates and the number of driving hours. The more the vehicle is driven, the more the tracker works and the more the battery is consumed. With real-time tracking (recommended for cars) and an estimated 2-3 hours of driving per day, the battery life is estimated to be 3-5 weeks.

YoGPS Magnetic GPS Trackers are good quality high end trackers with one of the biggest batteries of 10,000mAH. YoGPS Mobile app displays the battery level so you can plan when to recharge it.

YoGPS GPS Trackers also comes with a charging cable. Just plug the GPS Tracking device for charge for at least 8 hours once you notice 30% battery remaining in the mobile app and start using the GPS device again at no additional cost.