Maximize Driver Productivity With GPS Tracking

Maximize Driver Productivity With GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking systems are known to protect vehicles from theft, however they benefit businesses in many other ways such as improving productivity, timely deliveries and cost savings.

Read this article to learn how GPS tracking can help improve your drivers’ productivity. 

1.) Monitor Trip Data to Reduce Driver Stops

GPS trackers provide real-time location and detailed reports, including stops and trip summaries. When your driver makes an extended stop, you receive an alert and can view the location on a map in real time. The reports provide valuable insights into stop durations and trip summary, empowering you to coach the driver effectively in aligning their stops with your requirements.

2.) Leverage Real-Time Insights and Reduce Idling

When a vehicle or equipment’s engine is running but is not in motion or in use, it is called Idling which is a significant contributor to fuel waste. Research reveals that last year alone, in North America  6 billion gallons of fuel was wasted due to idling resulting in a staggering cost of over $11 billion. Prolonged idling also increases maintenance requirements and contributes to pollution. With GPS tracking, you gain real-time insights to identify idling drivers and make informed decisions to reduce fuel costs.

3.) Review Playback to Reduce Unnecessary Route Deviations

Route playback feature in GPS tracking systems serves as a powerful investigative tool for businesses. It allows you to view all the past routes that the vehicles were driven on.  By reviewing historical route data, you can identify deviations from planned routes and proactively make data-driven decisions to optimize future routes, improve driving behaviour, and streamline overall operations.

In conclusion, a GPS tracking system like YoGPS can be a game-changer for your business. It offers a range of features that enable you to optimize routes, reduce idling, improve accountability, and coach drivers effectively. By leveraging these abilities, you can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and ultimately, drive your business towards greater success.

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