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YoGPS GPS fleet tracking solutions are best suited for small businesses with multiple vehicles.

Tracking your vehicles enables you to improve productivity and operational efficiency thereby increasing revenue, reducing costs and improving overall profitability.

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Delayed deliveries, Idling and theft are top concerns for business managers.
YoGPS can help mitigate those concerns.

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Our Key Features
Choose a GPS device based on your needs

Hardwired :

Suitable for trucks, motorbikes, vans and cars


Suitable for vans, pickups and cars

Magnetic :

Suitable for vans, speciality vehicles, bikes, pickups, boats, trailers and cars

Benefits of GPS Tracking


Monitor driver behavior and reduce Idle time of driver/employee


Reduce operational cost by planning the best routes based on historic information such as time-to-destination, fuel consumption

Operational Excellence

Integrate optional Add-ons such as driver identification to monitor all the key Integrate optional Add-ons such as temperature sensors

Operational Costs

Protect against theft or unauthorized vehicle usage by leveraging the ignition status and tamper alert notification

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