Frequently asked questions

Next Steps

You may purchase any YoGPS GPS Tracker by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the top right hand corner or ‘Pick a GPS Tracker’ button on the home page.

  • Once you have received the YoGPS Magnetic GPS Tracker, please follow the steps below: 
    1. Charge Tracker for 8 hours
    2. Download YoGPS mobile App
    3. Sign Up in the App
    4. Activate Tracker
    5. Buy Subscription 

Steps may vary based on the device type. For further information, please refer to the user guide or unboxing video tutorial.  To explore more features and tutorials, subscribe to YoGPS YouTube Channel

YoGPS GPS Tracking solution package includes:

  1. GPS Tracking device (GPS Tracker)
  2. SIM card which will be already inserted in the device
  3. Charging cable in case of wireless GPS trackers
  4. Instruction card


Yes, you need to pay a subscription fee for each tracker. Subscription may vary based on your country and the duration you choose. Please see the subscription plan prices below for Canadian customers:

  • CAD $25 for monthly
  • CAD $45 quarterly (3 months subscription, equates to $15 a month) and 
  • CAD $120 annually (1 year subscription, equates to $10 a month)

For customers in the United States of America, please refer to the subscription plans below:

  • US $20 for monthly
  • US $36 quarterly (3 months subscription, equates to $12 a month) and 
  • US $96 annually (1 year subscription, equates to $8 a month)

Any changes to the subscription plans including pause, cancel or upgrade can be made 5 days before the renewal date by emailing

YoGPS GPS tracking device connects with GPS satellites to find the location. It then communicates this location to your phone using mobile networks. Thus, it has a SIM card with unlimited applicable cellular data.

We pay a fee to the mobile network providers and only charge a flat subscription fee to you to provide US and Canada wide tracking. The subscription includes:

  • Access to YoGPS app and all the premium features such as real time tracking, instant alerts, geofence, route playback
  • Unlimited USA, Canada and Mexico wide tracking and SIM card with applicable cellular data
  • 24 x 7 email support

Yes you can. Any changes to the subscription can be done at the time of renewal.

Please email with your username/email address and request cancellation at 5 days before the renewal date.

No, each YoGPS GPS tracker requires its own subscription plan.


The battery life varies based on factors such as frequency of location updates and driving time. With daily 2-3 hours of driving and real time tracking, the battery is estimated to last 3 to 5 weeks.

The button at the (magnetic side) back of the Magnetic GPS tracker is for tamper alert. This means if you place the tracker on its magnetic side (even on a non-metal surface), the tamper alert button would be pressed. In the event that the tracker is moved or picked up, the button will be released triggering a tamper notification to your phone. 

The warranty on the YoGPS GPS trackers is 30 days from the date of delivery.

YoGPS GPS trackers offer unlimited range.

  • Upon movement, our GPS tracker connects with GPS satellites to find the best location
  • It then communicates this location to your phone using mobile networks. Thus, it has a SIM card with unlimited applicable cellular data
  • The location updates are real time every 20 seconds

YoGPS GPS trackers are carrier agnostic and chooses the best mobile network available in the area. For e.g., if you are in Toronto, the tracker may work with Rogers network but in the US, it may latch on to AT&T.

General FAQ

Yes, you can. There is an on/off switch beside the charging port of the tracker. Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn the tracker off. To turn the tracker on, press the power button for 3 seconds again.

Yes, you can. All our wireless GPS trackers including Magnetic GPS Trackers and Mini trackers are portable. They can easily be moved from one vehicle to another.

Yes. As long as you bought the subscription, whether monthly, quarterly or annually, you have complete access to all our apps features.

Yes. Please refer to our user guide by visiting the following link

YoGPS User guide 

For any further assistance, email


GPS Trackers may not work in underground locations as they will struggle to communicate with the GPS satellites. However, as soon as the vehicle comes out of the underground location, the location will be updated.

For complete line of sight (troubleshooting) and seamless integration, we ship the tracker with the SIM card. Customers are not required to use their own SIM.

It may take around 1-2 business days for the team to re-activate the SIM card before you may start using the GPS tracker once again.

Each YoGPS tracking device is checked thoroughly for quality in our Toronto location before they are shipped. Hence, you may see the location as Toronto, Canada.

Please charge the tracker for 8 hours, place it in your vehicle and drive your vehicle for 10-15 minutes. The location will be automatically updated.

Sometimes when your tracker is indoors it may have not been able to latch on to a good quality GPS signal. Once you take the GPS tracker outdoors or drive with the tracking device, it will connect to GPS satellites and provide accurate location updates.

Our GPS trackers have no range limitation and will work within Canada, USA and Mexico